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Welcome to my new Framework DIABLOS

DIABLOS is the Anagram for “Does It All By Leveraging Open Source“. The name came from my wife, who also started it by Does it all by learning objectives, but after some discussion and working through what this Framework does, we agreed on adding an “S” to DIABLO, and changing it to leveraging open source.

This Framework, is the beginning work of several functions, and scripts I have compiled over several years of coding and placed into one easy to use call. This framework is one of the simplest systems you’ll ever use. Imagine this system as an extension to PHP. It allows you to have several new reusable code snippets just as easily as typing and sending the parameters. This system allows you to build a complete system with one call on your index page.

Take a look at the Functions wiki of this Framework. If this is a framework you would like to add to your project, take a look at the Installation wiki of this Framework.

Please see the Wiki for more information.

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