Removing Unwanted Admin Menus in WordPress


WordPress is one of the leading content management systems in the world today, in fact it serves millions of websites everyday. From hundreds of page multisites, to single landing pages and from large corporate entities to personal pages, WordPress has made a name for itself in every way. Sometimes the standard WordPress installation is all a webmaster needs, but many times there is just too much and may cause confusion when a non web programmer tries to add a new post, or make changes. Removing some of the menus in the admin section will help with this confusion and make things easier on the web programmer when some of the items are not used.

To get started we will need to get into the theme folder. Each theme should have a functions.php in their installed folder, if your theme does not have a functions.php, we will get to that a little later. For now, if your theme does have the functions.php a little bit of code needs to be added.

  1. In the admin back end, hover over the Appearance and click on Editor
  2. On the right, look for the Theme Functions on the right hand side of the screen, it may also be called functions.php
  3. Add the following code above the ?> at the end of this file, then Update the file and watch the menu items disappear.

If your theme doesn’t already have a functions file, you’ll need to create one. Create a new file in the theme’s main directory and call it functions.php.

You’ll have to add an opening PHP tag to the file but you don’t need a closing one and then add the code above.

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