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How to consider a move while a contractor?

Being from Ohio, moving around the country to an area with a more exciting and faster pace career just doesn’t seem to be in the budget at the moment. Although finding a position in a larger city; statistically should result in a more energizing and rewarding career. So how do you get a company to be so impressed that they could assist you with the financial burden of the relocation.

Although I haven’t successfully achieved this, some logical reasoning may assist others with this query.

  1. Start with Focusing on Your Interests, start out by determining your real needs, then work on negotiating these needs. Do not limit your needs from your financial expenses. Once you identify your needs, work on a benefits package to meet those specific needs.
  2. Research what assistance is typical, be prepared for the negotiating. Most companies vary on the packages they offer. Needs of the type of employer may vastly change what they may offer, as well as your yearly salary may reflect some of this assistance.
  3. Try to make the benefit valuable to both sides. Although the assistance may be the help you need to make this new journey, the company needs to be able to use some type of leverage to help generate this expense.

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