I am Jessica Brown

Seasoned Linux System Administrator and Application Developer

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I am Jessica Brown

My name is Jessica and I am a seasoned Linux IT professional with solid history in provisioning, installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems networks, hardware, software and related infrastructure.

In the mid 80’s I started the Telegard project, which led to over 5,000 downloads in the Bulletin Board System Category. At this time, I became extremely interested in ANSI graphic design and continued into the web development. I started web development in 1996 with HTML and the limited version of CSS. Since 2001, I began learning the programming language PHP and wrote an entire PHP version of a BBS system. My web presents has been very active including developing for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and e107.

In 2004 in the era of script kiddies and hackers, I took my programming techniques, and hardware knowledge and started hardening and cleaning servers to prevent hackers from penetrating systems. In 2008 I designed and patented a security software suite. Used by over 500,000 clients. In 2016, I sold the software to a hosting company that still uses it today.

With this security suite, I worked closely with government officials such as Detectives, Security Specialists, and the FBI. I was able to report data breach attempts and prevent hackers before they ever had access to their servers. This system used a MySQL database which handled over 30 million transactions per second.


Qualifications Profile

Track record of performance in daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.

Adept in identifying and eliminating inefficiencies based on business needs, best practices, and fiscal necessities, generating immediate results for operational excellence.

Skilled team leader and trainer with a track record of directing direct multiple tasks effectively to ensure on target completion of all deliverables. Outstanding interpersonal and communication strengths leveraged to train users, troubleshoot system issues, and ensure total client satisfaction.

My Technical Proficiencies

Platforms: Windows 3.x – 10, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, Debian, Mandrake, and many other distributions, including their server platforms

Server platforms: Apache, nGinX, and IIS

Programming languages: PHP 3.x – 7.x, HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, AnglerJS, Python, BASH, DASH, BATCH, and proficient with many frameworks available.

Database systems: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL

Software: Office Systems including Microsoft Office 2000 – 2016, including Office 365, Libre Office, AbiWord, Word Perfect, Lotus Works, PhotoShop, GIMP, Illustrator, Web Browsers, Programming IDE, Outlook and many others.




    A+ Microsoft Certification



    C+ Hardware Certification

  • Belford University


    Master's Degree Computer Engineering

    Online University (*unaccredited)
    Magna Cum Laude GPA: 3.4

  • EDI


    Associate's Degree Electronics Technology

    Las Vegas, NV.
    GPA: 3.8



    N+ Novell Networking Certification



    Motorola Installation Certification



    Hewlett Packard Laser Printer Repair Award


  • Spectrum Labs

    02/13/2017 - 06/09/2017

    Linux Systems Admin

    As a Robert Half Technologies contractor, I closely monitored and managed the operational support systems to proactively identify service impacting events relating to IT, network, and facility conditions. Perform service, repair, and installation of company product(s) including system hardware, software, PCs, scanners and printers, etc.

  • SecureLive, LLC

    10/2006 - 12/2016

    Software Engineer III (Lead)

    Promoted and developed a server security system development environment to keep users, employees, and data safe. Developed and implemented tools and methodologies to test and ensure quality and stability of applications and infrastructure in a Continuous Integration processes.


  • I am familiar with PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python and Bash.

  • I am familiar with Linux, Windows, Office Suites, Photoshop, Web Browsers, Network Panels and 100's of others.

    Office Suites
    Web Browsers
    Network Panels
  • I started in Hardware Repair and my proficiency is running strong as I keep up with new hardware developments and diagnostic tools. There are 1000's of items to list, although I have chosen a few of the top items to give ideas of my abilities, NAS, Routers, Server Administration, Client Workstations, AT&T Network Standards, Hardware Diagnostics and Hardware Repair.

  • I have a well-rounded skill set in UI / UX design.

    User Interviews

Honors and Awards

  • Best Design Award
    Web Design Competition 2013

  • Magna Cum Laude
    Belford University

  • Minister
    Universal Life Church

  • Instructor
    Aikido Martial Arts


Accomplishments Profile

Application Development, used object-oriented design and programming new stand-alone security application suite from concept to production. Patent pending owner of SecureLive security suite.

Quality Assurance, streamlined QA process to increase efficiency and reduce new product rollout time by one week.

Program Requirements, wrote program requirements which succeeded in utilization on dedicated, VPS and shared servers alike.

System Integration, aligned office departments and increased inter-department communication and data sharing through collaboration software over intranet.

Operational Management, identified, recommended and prioritized new Web features and applications in conjunction with business leaders and department managers. Developed, coded, installed, tested, debugged and documented Web applications using appropriate editors. While maintaining well within budgeted costs and expectations.

Problem Resolution, responsible for support and development of company disaster recovery plan. Served as advocate for end-users, performing tests and problem analysis for server, desktop and IT infrastructure work.

Security Solutions, managed client network security through installation of self-developed software Blocking, Reporting and Alerting Software. Setup communications with FBI office to send reports of hackers.

Installation, installed appropriate security patches to dissolve security vulnerabilities.

Project Management, prepared design specifications, developed reporting and analytics, tested and managed user adoption.

Branding, created web prototypes including wireframes and HTML mockups for multiple branded and unbranded websites and personalized applications. Worked closely with brand and marketing teams across organizations.

Website Design, created accent graphics, banner ads, icons, animations and logos using Photoshop and Illustrator. Including building HTML, PHP, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript to implement graphic design.

Client Interface, collaborated on client engagement strategy to drive entry into risk-driven project methodology, improving accuracy of project definition, sizing estimates, and yearly resource budget planning.

System Integration, established compatibility with third party software products by developing program for modification and integration, decreasing costs by 72%.

System Design, conceptualized and designed SecureLive Suite of Applications and securelive.com that resulted in over 3,000 customers.

Software Readiness, all Adobe and Microsoft Software, including but not limited to Photoshop, After Effects, Excel, Word, Power Point, Sound Booth, Word Perfect, Calc, and many, many more. Server 2003, 2008 certified, DOS 3.1 – Windows 8 and Windows 2.1 – 3.11. Server Home Media, Server Data Center, and Linux, CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora and Mandriva. Terminal proficient as well as GUI.

Programming skills, PHP, JS, AJAX, HTML, CSS, SQL – All versions including HTML 5 and CSS 3. PHP 3.x – 7.x. Ajax – MooTools, jQuery, ProtoType.

Minister, Universal Life Church Reverend in 2009.


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DIABLOS is the Anagram for "Does It All By Leveraging Open Source". The name came from my wife, who also started it by Does it all by learning objectives, but after some discussion and working through what this Framework does, we agreed on adding an "S" to DIABLO, and changing it to leveraging open source.

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